Apple Picking at the farm

You haven't tasted an apple until you've tasted one fresh off the tree! And we have 21 varieties here at the farm — all on kid-sized dwarf trees.

Picking Schedule:

Harvest start dates are approximate.
Check our "What's On" page for best picking times and availability.

  • Melba  August 15th
  • Ginger Gold  August 23rd
  • Wealthy  August 31st
  • McIntosh  September 7th
  • Cortland  September 10th
  • Royal Gala  September 18th
  • Spartan  September 18th
  • Honeycrisp  September 20th
  • Empire  September 20th
  • Mutsu  September 25th
  • Red Delicious  September 28th
  • Ambrosia  October 1st
  • Jonagold  October 1st
  • Russett  October 1st
  • Ida Red  October 5th
  • Northern Spy  October 5th

We have limited quantities of:

Cox’s Orange Pippin, Gravenstein,
Paula Red, and Sunrise.

Please call for availability or orders.

Apples are weighed by the lb.
Admission $5.00 per person, children 2 and under free, on weekends and holiday Mondays, during harvest from Labour Day weekend to Thanksgiving weekend. (Cash only for admission. Visa and debit accepted for all other items.)
All other times, admission is free!
We supply bags, but encourage you to bring your own.
Please no outside food allowed on premises.

Apple Glossary:

Find out about the different kinds of apples and their uses for cooking, eating, and more at the Ontario Apple Growers' website: Ontario Apple Growers

Rules of the Orchard — please take a gander!

We want you to have a great day at the farm. But, with thousands of visitors, a few rules of courtesy are necessary to protect trees from damage, keep our visitors safe, and help avoid unnecessary costs. Please take a moment to read the following rules and guidelines:

  • Sampling within reason is okay — it's part of the fun! (But please don't make a meal of it.)
  • Pick-your-own prices are by the lb. Please pay for what you pick. Remember — picking an apple is making a purchase.
  • Admission $5.00 per person on weekends, PA days and holidays, during harvest from Labour Day weekend to Thanksgiving weekend. All other times, admission is free! (Cash only for admission. Visa and debit accepted for all other items.)
  • Our attendants are happy to help! Please ask them for assistance and follow their instructions.
  • Please don’t pick apples that are not in season or pick from areas that are blocked off. They’re not ready for eating and you might damage the tree!
  • Please don’t climb trees – trees are easily damaged and children can be hurt when climbing or hanging onto branches.
  • Remove apples carefully by turning them on their stem and they will stay in your hand. “Eye to the sky and twist”
  • No picnics or outside food allowed in orchard or store area. Local parks and community centres offer this service and space area for you.
  • Service dogs and friendly family dogs on-leash are welcome. No off-leash pets, please.
  • Garbage and recycling pails are provided - please be courteous to others and use them.
  • Using your own reusable bags for picking is cool — and good for the environment!
  • No bags? No problem. We provide them on site. You can return unused bags to attendants to save on plastic waste.
  • Please don’t block entrances or exits
  • Safety first! This is a working farm: enjoy your time here at your own risk.
  • Please respect the environment and the orchard:

    R – Responsible
    E – Environment
    S – Sustainable
    P – Protect
    E – Educate
    C – Care
    T – Tradition
  • …and the most important rule: have fun!