School Programs

Due to Covid-19 we are not offering tours at this time.

We have curriculum based programs for both secondary and primary school, covering the Oak Ridges Moraine, pollination and fertilization, properties of a forest, and more.

Curriculum-based programs:

School tours at Pine Farms Orchard meet the Ontario Curriculum guidelines and subject areas include Social Studies, Science and Technology, and Language Arts.

Bookings and information:

This year due to covid-19 will be offering virtual tours to schools COMING SOON!

Contact us by e-mail or phone for more info.

Fall Harvest Tour:

Offered in September and October.
The harvest tour gives elementary students a first-hand look at a working orchard during harvest time as well as the importance of bees and pollination to agriculture.

Program details

During the tour the children will:

  • Walk through the orchard and learn how apples grow.
  • Observe a Honey Bee Hive and learn about bees, pollination, and their importance to the orchard.
  • Learn the apple picking rhyme and pick an apple to eat!
  • Watch the fruit grader at work to learn how to sort apples for size and shape.
  • Discuss proper handling and storage of apples.
  • Discuss the uses of apples in baking and for making cider.
  • Taste fresh apple cider!

*Supervising teacher receives one bag of apples for the group to share.

Busy Bee Program:

Offered in May and June.
The Busy Bee program is a wonderful outdoor experience for grade schoolers to learn about botany, agriculture, wildlife, and nature.

Program details

In the Busy Bee Program, students:

  • Take a guided nature walk through the orchard, flower garden, and woodland trail.
  • Study wildlife, wildflowers, and properties of a forest.
  • Discuss the farm’s location on the Oak Ridges Moraine and its importance to our community.
  • Learn about spring-time care of an orchard and working farm: fertilization, pruning of trees, and planting.
  • Study the colour and shape of different seeds.
  • Plant seeds to take home to watch them grow. (Elementary school groups only)*
  • Blossom time + Honey Bees = Pollination!
    Learn the importance of the honey bees to an orchard.

*Students plant 4-packs of seeds to take back to school.

**Supervising teacher receives one 2L jug of flash pasteurized cider for the group to share.

Spring Tours: Grade 9 Geography

An interactive study on farming and the importance of the Oak Ridges Moraine.
Working in conjunction with Nature Conservancy Canada and ORTA (Oak Ridges Trail Association) the tour discusses farming, value added businesses to farming, and the importance of the Moraine.

Program details

The Grade 9 Geography Tour is customized to your grade 9 school curriculum. Please call for more information.