Apple Picking at the farm

2021 apple picking from the trees all picked out.

Grounders available @ $1.00 per pound

Ready Picked apples available at our Market

• Paula Red

• McIntosh

• Cortland

• Gala

• Honeycrisp

• Fortune Spy

• Russet

Harvest start dates are approximate. Call ahead or visit our What’s On! page for best picking times and availability!

For pedestrians, cyclist and community safety please be advised that there is NO PARKING on the 16th Sideroad. Please follow instructions from our entrance attendants and Police Constables for parking at and in the orchard, thank you .

Available varieties & approximate start of harvest dates:

PYO COST:Pick your own apples are weighed by the pound at $2.00/lb. You must pay for what you pick.


Melba, Aug 18 th

Paula Red, Aug 19th

Gingergold, Aug 25

Wealthy, August 25th


McIntosh, Sept 7th

Cortland, Royal Gala, Jonagold Honeycrsip, Sept 12,

Empire, Spartan, Sept 17

Golden Delicious, Red Delicious


Russet, Northern Spy, Mutsu/Crispin, Ambrosia.

Apples ripen at different times and these are approximate harvest dates. We advise to not pick apples that are not ripe.

Please visit our whats on page to see what varieties are ready for pick your own

We have limited quantities of:

Cox’s Orange Pippin, Gravenstein,
and Sunrise.

Please call ahead to order any of the varieties we grow for curbside pick up. Email us at or call.

ADMISSION: Admission/Entrance fee to the orchard for pick your own is $5.00 per person. Children 2 and under free. Admission is charged from beginning of the harvest season up to and including Thanksgiving Monday. Cash, Visa, MC, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Debit accepted.

We supply bags, but we encourage you to bring your own. You must handle your own recycled bags. Due to COVID-19 attendants cannot handle the bags for you.


  • Following health guidelines for York Region and to keep you, our team and all visitors to the farm safe during this time, we ask that you read & understand the visitor expectations & rules of the orchard prior to visiting our farm.
  • Please wear a mask when in the orchard picking and around the store area. Access into the interior of the store is not available at this time but we do have our porch and farm market open and a mask must be worn. Mask must cover your nose, mouth and chin.
  • Practice good hand hygiene. Wash your hands before coming to the farm, sanitize upon arrival (available at the orchard entry, orchard exit and at the store & market).
  • Maintain physical distancing 6’ or 2m from others.
  • Stay at home if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, have a fever or are feeling ill.
  • Pick cleanly. Twist apples – eye to the sky and twist. Do not pull on apples.
  • No sampling of the apples.
  • Expect to be at the farm anywhere from 15min to 1hr depending on time of season, & fruit availability.
  • Limit numbers of people coming to pick with you. Due to COVID-19 we must restrict the numbers coming into the orchard. We may have to close the gates from time to time to control the flow and amount of visitors into the orchard. No parties, groups, events or picnics allowed. No outside food allowed on premises.
  • We are all in this together

Rules of the Orchard — please take a gander!

We want you to have a great time at the farm. But, with many visitors, a few rules of courtesy are necessary to protect trees from damage, keep our visitors safe, and help avoid unnecessary costs. Please take a moment to read the following rules and guidelines:

  • Our attendants are happy to help! Please ask them for assistance and follow their instructions.
  • Please don’t pick apples that are not in season or pick from areas that are blocked off. They’re not ready for eating and you might damage the tree!
  • Please don’t climb trees – trees are easily damaged and children can be hurt when climbing or hanging onto branches.
  • Remove apples carefully by turning them on their stem and they will stay in your hand. “Eye to the sky and twist” The eye is at the bottom of the apple where the remnants of the apple blossom is.
  • No picnics or outside food allowed in orchard or store area. Local parks and community centres offer this service and space area for you.
  • Service dogs and friendly family dogs on-leash are welcome and poop and scoop there are garbages in orchard and at store. No off-leash pets, please. We also sell dog ice cream!
  • Remove apples carefully by turning them on their stem and they will stay in your hand. “Eye to the sky and twist”
  • Garbage and recycling pails are provided - please be courteous to others and use them. Do NOT throw masks or gloves on the ground use the recepticals provided or take them home with you to dispose of.
  • Using your own reusable bags for picking is cool — and good for the environment!
  • No bags? No problem. We provide them on site.
  • Please don’t block entrances or exits
  • Safety first! This is a working farm: enjoy your time here at your own risk.
  • Please respect the environment and the orchard:

    R – Responsible
    E – Environment
    S – Sustainable
    P – Protect
    E – Educate
    C – Care
    T – Tradition

Apple Glossary:

Find out about the different kinds of apples and their uses for cooking, eating, and more at the Ontario Apple Growers' website: Ontario Apple Growers

…and the most important rule: have fun! Stay safe & healthy. #weareallinthistogether