Happy Holiday’s!

We have in-store shopping and dine-in available again. The store is filled with holiday gift giving ideas and baking. The bakers are busy making Yule logs, mince tarts, fudge, shortbread and more. We also have Christmas trees, wreaths, swags, & planters for all your decorating needs. We also have trails nearby you can walk on and photo-op’s for your holiday photos, Instagram, reels & Tik Tok’s!


In the Market

We have the market brimming with fresh local produce, tropical fruits, salad fixings, cheese, milk, eggs, ready picked apples & fresh pressed cider.

Ready picked apples available in the Market

• McIntosh 2.5/lb

• Cortland 2.5/lb

• Gala 2.5/lb

• Honeycrisp 4/lb

• Red Delicious 2.5/lb

• Golden Delicious 2.5/lb

• Jonagold 2.5/lb

• Crimson Crisp 4/lb

• Ambrosia 4/lb

• Mutsu 2.5/lb

• Empire 2.5/lb

• Russet 4/lb

• Fortune Spy 2.5/lb

• Northern Spy 2.5/lb

*Thanks for supporting your local family run orchard. We appreciate you!


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We are here to help as much as we can through this difficult time during the pandemic. We accept Debit, & Credit payments. We also accept Apple Pay, Google Pay & Tap for a contact-less transaction. You can e-mail or call us at 905-833-5459 to place an order. Thank you for your continued support of local businesses. #wereinthistogether #staysafe

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