Gourmet Foods

Lots of tasty apple-inspired farm fresh foods: Apple cider; meat pies; cheeses; jams, jellies, and sauces; dressings and seasonings; honey, maple syrup; and more!

A few examples of our tasty gourmet products:

Apple cider
Kids love it! Sweet and tasty.
Non-alcoholic (of course) and pasteurized.

Farm fresh honey (made by busy local bees!)
Our beekeeper's bees make this fantastic honey from the apple blossoms and wildflowers of King Township.
Available in Wildflower, Buckwheat, and Raw.

Maple Syrup
Pure Canadian maple syrup on waffles, pancakes, or even on your breakfast sausages. Indulge — you only live once!

Jams, jellies, and preserves
Pine Farms' home made marmalades, apple jelly, savory chutneys, flavourful mustards, and lots more!

Tasty treats like Fraktals handmade chocolate cashew butter crunch to feed your chocolate habit. Go ahead – we won't tell.

Organic olive oils
Local producer Kalloni's olive oil is a great choice for your next cooking extravaganza.

Patera coffee
Saturday morning, newspaper, and the smell of fresh ground gourmet coffee — magic! Did we mention our seville orange marmalade for your toast? You deserve it!